Are You good at Email Marketing


Are You good at Email Marketing

91% of your customers check their email daily.
Almost every dental office uses email, including auto-responder emails, appointment reminders, birthday emails, and more.  Its a great, relevant way to stay in touch with customers for low cost – but are you any good at it?
Having run email campaigns with literally millions of emails per month, we are happy to share our Email Performance Marketing Checklist with you.
Email Performance Marketing Checklist:

Branded Email – Great Images.  Logo.  Same design as you website (font, colors, etc).  Is the from address professional.  Remember, these are your customers and they are forming an opinion on your practice.
Strong Copy – Precise information.  Call to Action.  Clickable (and a good relevant landing page). Buttons.  Great way to have you demonstrate your expertise with a small article.
Metrics – Are you tracking emails?  Delivery, Opens, Clicks, are all very useful to optimize.
Promotion – List all promotions, deals and highlight key areas (cosmetic, sleep, ortho, etc.)  Consider your email to be a content page, with ads, highlighted areas and more.
List Building – Process.  Each new patient, lead, referral you have an email on, add to your email marketing list.
Subject Line – Top determinant if email will be opened.  Be action oriented & clear.
Mobile – Up to 50% of email will be read on mobile phones.  How does your email look on mobile (big enough fonts, images resized, etc.).  Above is Expedia’s mobile responsive email design.

According to Direct Marketing Association, the average ROI for every dollar spent on email is $40.56.  For dental practices, its ever better – as emails are used to reach your customers and drive action.  It does require and warrant your attention.
Bottom Line: Invest Resources In Email Marketing To Boost Revenues Immediately And Grow Over Time

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