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The Masters in Digital Marketing is ideal for experienced marketing and business professionals who want to validate their expertise at a senior digital marketing level. The specialist level of knowledge you develop will place you among the top digital marketing professionals in the industry. Through 50 hours of specialist on-demand digital marketing content, dynamic lectures, case studies and instructional webinars you will gain exposure to the latest techniques and tools for improving your digital marketing and brand building efforts. You will also receive the guidance of both a digital industry expert and academic supervisor to assist you with the writing of your thesis. The Masters can take between 2 to 3 months to complete; you have up to 12 weeks to complete stage one of the Masters, and an additional 2 weeks to complete stage two. Stage one consists of 60 hours of specialist digital content and the completion of two assignments. Stage two will involve a series of online webinars and mentorship to support the completion of your research-based thesis. Stage 1 of the Masters in Digital Marketing comprises the following four core modules, along with additional lectures focused on email marketing, display, eCommerce and user experience.