How important is social media marketing in the field of digital marketing?


Day by day the internet users have increased in India and majority of the population is active on social networking sites, advertising or promoting your product or service on social networking sites can be a cherry on your cake for the product. The youth tend to get attracted for the advertisements conducted on social media sites.

In India, the internet users are increased around 463 million and have become world’s 3rd largest country for having internet population. In future, an estimation of 300 million will get added to the population accessing the internet in India.

The field of digital marketing is a broad concept. This field is very vast and approximately 9 lac job options are available and this market is a booming market. The business owners are realizing the value of digital marketing and slowly implementing it in their business

 Following are some of the elements required for social media marketing

Content marketing:

The customers/clients are attracted on the basis of the content provided to them.  Content is the king of the business. 50% of the businesses merely aim quality content on their site.

Social media marketing:

Promoting one’s business on social media sites has become very necessary.  Internet penetration is gaining more and more results. Nearly one-third of the population is engaged on using some type of platform.

Search Engine Optimization

It is noted that 35% of the Google’s traffic usually scroll the first item list or the results which are available on 1st or 2nd page. To strategize SEO effectively, it would give you a cutting edge in the digital marketing industry.

Mobile Marketing:

More number of internet users are accessing from their mobile phones and so the websites need to be optimized and should be mobile-friendly. A digital marketer should know how to strategize and promote its product on mobile. He/She should have a proficiency in digital marketing. Digital marketing careers are not only in-demand; they could also be the key to having a life outside of work.

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