Instagram Announced Vertical Ads


Advertisers can now create and display vertical ads on Instagram.

Instagram rolls out this new feature to provide consumers and businesses with its enhanced results.

Portrait ads have been available on the platform from a long time. Most of the mobile content is consumed in portrait form only. So they came up with a new and creative idea to give users a better experience.

Photo and video ads can now be created in the vertical format on Instagram. Advertisements up to 4:5 aspect ratio formats can now be uploaded on Instagram feed.

image from dsim

The top advertisers around the world are already taking advantage of it by running ads vertically.

Guaraná Antarctica witnessed better view rates on the vertical video ad presenting the history. Richard Lee, the digital manager of the company said, “Vertical formats in mobile advertising are of great interest to us. With Instagram being such an important platform for our brand, we were really excited to test. First results seem promising!”

LG USA Mobile also ran a video ad in the vertical format showcasing the new audio features of LG V20