How to write a blog effectively


How to write a blog effectively

Do you struggle to write high quality content but are unable to reach the target audience? Then you need to find out the loopholes by reviewing your content marketing strategy.

Marketing the content on the right platforms at the right time is as necessary as creating high-quality content. You need to make sure that your efforts do not remain unnoticed.

There are some useful sites which will bring the targeted traffic to your blog post so that your content does not remain unnoticed

  1. Medium

Anyone can share their views and comments through this platform.

Why Medium?

  • It automatically connects with the audience of Facebook and Twitter and links with them.
  • It gives the information of how many people have viewed the article and how many people have read till the end.
  1. Linkedin

Linkedin is such a platform where the publishers can publish their data and influence the people. People with same interest can share their views on a same platform.

Why LinkedIn?

  • It gives a common platform fr the users of the same interest.
  • It can attract the target audience and provide great exposure to your blog post.
  • This platform can be used to attract the readers to your website otherwise it can be used to publish an article and generate pulse, so that it can be read on LinkedIn Pulse.
  1. Quora

You can share your ideas and opinions on Quora. You can even run a blog on Quora and provide the information your company to the users.

Why Quora?

  • It drives traffic towards your website.
  • It gives the idea of what other users do t their blog and gives a chance to connect with the users.





  1. Facebook

It is probably the largest social networking site where you can connect with n number of users and publish your content there. Facebook is the largest site where you can drive your target audience.

Why Facebook?

  • It acknowledges the existence of your business which helps to drive the target audience.
  • It helps you connect with potential customers and expand your business.

It is an online hub where articles related to marketing can be published and posted.


  • It helps you connect and interact with your audience.
  • It helps you keep your content in one place.
  1. GrowthHackers

It helps you to publish the content. In that case only quality content is published. Low quality content is automatically removed.

Why GrowthHackers?

  • It lets you know the taste of the audience and what the audience wants
  • High quality content is been seen by the community.
  1. Pinterest

It provides a platform where you can share your content. There is an option of “PIN IT” where you can share your blogs with the users all over world.

Why Pinterest?

  • It converts the browsers into buyers.
  • It attracts the blog traffic.
  1. BizSugar

It is a platform where enterprenuers, small business owners are targeted and content is posted which favors in their interest.

Why BizSugar?

  • Targeted audience is attracted due to this.
  • Helps you connect with other business owners in your niche.
  1. Instagram

Instagram is a social platform where you can promote using photos and videos. You can share the URL of your website on the image you are sharing. This would redirect to the company’s website diectly

Why Instagram?

  • As more people are present on Instagram, it easily doubles the traffic.
  • When the users clicks the URL it redirects to yours company’s website.
  1. Niume

It is a community driven platform and converts the potential visitiors into customers

Why Niume?

  • It helps you to reach out the target audience.
  • It generates revenue from posts.
  1. Svbtle

It is a platform where the writers and bloggers can showcase their skills. It is basically a platform for creative minds.

Why Svbtle?

  • It helps to reach with more audience
  • Many creative ideas for business can be got through this
  1. Reddit

This platform is used for the users to discuss any common topic. It is a social news aggregation, web content rating and discussion website. The registered members can submit their posts through URRL to Reddit.

Why Reddit?

  • It improves your user base.
  • It generates Quality and trustable backlinks for your website.
  1. Tumblr

It helps you to find the content you like. It helps you to find the communities of your interest and interact and share your ideas with them.

 Why Tumblr?

  • Helps you to connect with more and more subscribers
  • It helps you to knw the likes and the taste of your target audience.
  1. StumbleUpon

It is a platform where you can drive your traffic and get more and more number of users. For enagaging your followers, you just need to post your content regularly.

Why StumbleUpon?

  • It helps to connect with more users.
  • It helps you to drive traffic on your website
  1. Triberr

It is a platform which helps you grow your blog’s readership. You can manage groups or tribes on this platform. Tribes are the group of people who are usually blogger and writing about a specific topic.

Why Triberr?

  • Increases the traffic on your address
  • Leads can be converted into sales easily through this.
  1. Google+ Communities

Google plus communities are used to share posts and videos to the people whom you want to  connect.

Why Google+ Communities?

  • Creates a direct connection with the target audience.
  • You can generate leads by linking users to useful information.
  1. Blokube

It is a site where the bloggers all over the world can meet at a same place and share their views and ideas.

Why Blokube?

  • Helps to connect with the bloggers worldwide.
  • Helps to increase the traffic on the blog.
  1. Blog Engage

It is a platform where the bloggers can submit their blogs online

Why Blog Engage?

  • One can create good backlinks with the help of it.
  • Attracts the traffic on the blog.

It is a platform where professionals and marketers publish their content. It helps you to publish with relevant content.


  • Existence of your company is shown online
  • Helps you to connect with customers globally

20 Alltop

It is an online directory for new upcoming websites and blogs. You can submit your blog to Alltop. It also provides permanent and relevant links to the business

Why Alltop?

  • It gives a better exposure to your blog
  • Your blog stays on the top due to this






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